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  • Rest of the world

USD 362B

As of 2017

USD 306B

As of 2013


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With Decades of Collective Experience

Pioneer & Trend-Setter since 2002 from Singapore, in Asia,, with Global Mentors’ Team.

Our Learning Methodology Knowledge + Simulation = Transformation.

With Evolved Business Solutions for the Industry

GoGLOBAL Business School (GGBS)

GoGLOBAL Business School (GGBS) is our Professional Business School from Singapore. A wholly owned subsidiary of Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Ltd, it was launched in April 2019. GGBS is created to promote programs and modules of all our GoGLOBAL Mentors Network, through online and offline platforms

We have a growing range of Signature Transformational Programs, focused in uplifting humanity consciousness, empowering global business leaders, entrepreneurs and youth, creating immense value for the growth of their businesses and in living a fulfilling purpose-driven life.

We inculcate life-long learning culture amidst Global Business Leaders. Programs are conducted using accelerated, hands-on, whole brain-whole being learning methodology, to ensure a transformational experience for participants. We are committed to support Businesses evolve through evolved Business Leadership, for Holistic success for organisations and all its stake holders.



LEARNING  – Accelerating Your Mind to Accelerate Your Life

  • Identify Growth Blockers in Your Life
  • Takes You Deeper into Humanity Consciousness
  • Ensures Business Leaders are able to get what your need to receive to lead a Fulfilling Life
  • Adds Immense Value to your clients
  • Latest and up to date Knowledge Of The World and the industry requirements, as needed to serve at the best in Your Business and Life.

Free/Low Cost 2-5hours Sessions through Business Associations/Chambers Education is done in various cities / countries, so people get to experience and understand the value & importance, the fundamentals to global leadership, consciousness business values and other essentials that you need to know before expanding your business into global market and before getting on the GoGLOBAL journey with us. 



  • Defining the Real Strength, Purpose, and Vision of your human self
  • Consistent Efforts and Deeper Level Of Clarity At Every Level Of Growth
  • Humility and Strength
  • Alignment is a constant process of checking for what is not working and correcting it,
  • Checking for what is working and repeating it, to achieve our desired results.
  • Our Mantra – For things to change, first I must change.

There are many processes to get aligned, and it involves us to be

-100% true to ourselves and be open

-Willing to make the necessary changes in our life / business.

2-3 Days Transformation Programs that works on you inside out.
A stage often under-mined in most businesses. Various one-to-one and group sessions and events conducted inline with bringing out your maximum human potential. This includes identifying true purpose and vision / mission and team creation, expansion strategies for the Your business and life.


 Enhanced through Attitude Of Life-long Learning

-The More we Expand In Mind, Body And Spirit, the More Our Clarity And Strength Is Tested.  Thus, it becomes a Life-long Process.

-Creating Immense Value To Your Business.

-Focus in Business Expansion comes with clear Financial Roadmap of Business, Vision / Mission and Value of What the Business Offers to Humanity.

-Challenged at every stage of growth, that More Education And Alignment Is Needed. It’s a powerful Evolving Upward Spiral.

-At Every stage, business leaders are offered Life-time Mentorship to Achieve Their Life Mission as our Trusted Partners.

6-9 months Consultation – Coaching Programs – Business Mission Trips, etc.
This Stage Gets you Access to A Global Community of Business Like-minded business leaders as true partners, who stand for your vision/mission and works together as ONE, for exponential growth in every aspects of your life.


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