GoGLOBAL Funding

GoGLOBAL Funding vertical is designed to ensure we provide the comprehensive support for SMEs to grow exponential.This includes

1.   Various funding sources in the forms of

Value Added Funding.
Equity Funding.
Debt Funding.
Project Based Funding.
Government Grants.

2. Funding options at bank & government level in Singapore Malaysia, India, Indonesia, etc. We have tied up across the world, with various

Investors network.
Funding Platforms.
Government Resources.
Funding company partnership.

We are always on a constant lookout for funding sources to be available for our SMEs, as we work together with them to ensure that their value is enhanced with exponential growth.

SGG has a commitment to raise SGD100million for SMEs to benefit through us, this includes collaboration with BSE-SME platform which is seeking fundings in Pre-IPO Shares and support their global expansion – valuation through us.

Speak to us on your SME financial needs for us to connect you with the right resources.

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